Training for application of the measures for security of the classified information in the Training Center “Dr. Joseph Cruzel”

“Dr. Joseph Cruzel” training center conducted online training for the application of the Law on Classified Information, i.e. the measures for security of classified information in the Ministry of Defense.

The training was attended by administrative servants and military personnel from the Ministry and the Army who were introduced to the method of classification of information, the conditions, criteria, measures and activities undertaken for their protection, rights, obligations and responsibilities of the creators and users of classified information and other issues related to the use of classified information, as well as for achieving the required level of knowledge and skills in the application and procedure with the legal regulations for classified information.

The employees of the Ministry of Defense and the Army who in any way have access to information with a certain degree of classification must know and fully apply the measures and activities for protection of classified information and be thoroughly acquainted with the dangers of leaking information to persons with unauthorized access.

Classified information is important for the smooth functioning of any organization and requires effective management. In that regard, a set of measures and activities for administrative, physical, information and industrial security is undertaken for the protection of classified information, as well as security measures for the persons who use classified information.

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