State Secretary Nikolikj in Brussels: the Republic of North Macedonia remains committed to the priorities determined for the capabilities development according to NATO standards

Today, in the NATO HQ in Brussels, the Republic of North Macedonia held multilateral talks with NATO regarding the 2021 Capability Goal Package. These are the first talks in this format that our country is holding as a full-fledged member of the Alliance within the NATO defence planning process. The delegation of the Republic of North Macedonia was led by the State Secretary at the Ministry of Defence, Dragan Nikolikj.

During the talks before the NATO Defence Planning Committee, we presented the plans for defence funding, transformation, and equipping and modernization of the Armed Forces by 2028, as well as the contribution of the Republic of North Macedonia to international operations. The 2021 Capability Goals Package contains 32 quantitative and 6 qualitative goals.

State Secretary Nikolikj stressed that the Republic of North Macedonia remains committed to the established priorities for capacity development in accordance with NATO standards even in COVID-19 conditions, and that we are not deviating from plans and priorities to reach 2% of GDP by 2024.

The Allies welcomed the progress and the commitment to stable defence funding, which is a clear indication of the commitment to fulfilling our obligations as a member of the Alliance.

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