Shekerinska – Panagiotopoulos: North Macedonia and Greece are sincere and committed NATO allies

The trust between North Macedonia and Greece is growing day by day – this was concluded at today’s meeting between our Minister Radmila Shekerinska and the Minister of Defence of the Hellenic Republic, Nikolaos Panagiotopoulos. The working meeting was held during the International Defence and Security Exhibition held in Greece and attended by a delegation from the Ministry of Defence and the Army of the Republic of North Macedonia, led by Minister Shekerinska.

“From our bilateral cooperation agreement for 2021, we can conclude that we are moving in a positive direction. The approximately 70 planned activities confirm that North Macedonia and Greece have opened a chapter of alliance in the interest of both countries, but also of the entire region”, said the minister.

Shekerinska pointed out that the cooperation between the two countries is taking place within the South-Eastern Europe Brigade ( SEEBRIG) hosted by our country, in which Greece is also contributing, currently also with the commander of the unit.

The two ministers emphasized the cooperation within the NATO air-policing mission as a signal of the alliance and high level of trust between the two countries.

Minister Panagiotopoulos said that Greece is a partner and ally of North Macedonia in the defence, and added that he will continue to support our country in the EU.

At the meeting the interlocutors expressed their satisfaction with the contribution of North Macedonia to regional stability and security through participation in the KFOR mission in Kosovo, and they also discussed about our contribution to the Greek corps of the NATO Rapid Deployment Forces and the Balkan EU Battle Group, HELBROC, led by Greece.

The defence cooperation between North Macedonia and Greece also takes place through parachute training of our army special forces in Greece, where the twenty-day training, which was attended by members of the Air Force VING, was completed last week.

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