Shekerinska-Bake Jensen meeting in Brussels: Intense allied cooperation for better collective defence

Today, before the start of the NATO Leadership Summit, the Minister of Defence Radmila Shekerinska met with the Minister of Defence of Norway, Frank Bake Jensen. The meeting confirmed the excellent bilateral defence relations between the two countries.

“The Kingdom of Norway has shown many times that it is our true friend and ally. The training of the Macedonian medical team in Norway and their participation in the mission in Afghanistan and work at the Norwegian hospital in Kabul is an example of allied cooperation and the development of collective security. By 2028, North Macedonia should develop a NATO capability in the form of a surgical team that will be available as a NATO resource. The experience gained by the Macedonian military medical team, the knowledge it received from its Norwegian counterparts, is invaluable for that purpose”, said Minister Shekerinska at the meeting.

The successful joint deployment of the military medical team in Afghanistan, the continued support from Norway during the pandemic, as well as the assistance in the field of building integrity and development of the Public Affairs Regional Center, which is also a NATO-certified center, are just a few examples which show how the two countries are strengthening NATO unity, concluded Ministers Shekerinska and Bake Jensen.

The meeting of the defence ministers took place on the eve of the NATO Leadership Summit, which is crucial for the development of the Alliance. The main topic of the Summit is the NATO 2030 initiative, the strengthening of collective defence, the strengthening the resilience of societies to new challenges and the development of technology that has a growing impact on building defence capabilities and capacities.

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