Heads of Departments

Heads of Departments in the Ministry of Defence
Name and surnameContact telephoneContact email
Department for Support the MinisterMirjana Sterijova

– by authorization

328 21 53mirjana@mod.gov.mk
Department for Communications, Analytics and Operational SupportColonel

Ivan Atanasoski

– by authorization

328 24 37ivan.atanasoski@mod.gov.mk
Internal Audit DepartmentBiljana Jovanovska

– by authorization

323 91 19biljana.jovanovska@mod.gov.mk
Department for Inspection in the DefenceBlagica Troshanska

– by authorization

328 39 89blagica.trosanska@mod.gov.mk
Military Security and Intelligence Service DepartmentColonel

Goran Vasilevski

324 75 42goran.vasilevski@mod.gov.mk
Department for Policy and PlanningColonel

Goran Ilioski

328 21 38goran.ilioski@mod.gov.mk
Department for International CooperationLieutenant Colonel

Biljana Nikolovska

328 20 80biljana.nikolovska@mod.gov.mk
Department for Civil-Military Cooperation with the Regional Defence CentersToni Petreski328 25 31toni.petreski@mod.gov.mk
Legal Affairs DepartmentArefat Veselji

– by authorization

328 22 18arefat.veseli@mod.gov.mk
Human Resources DepartmentAfrdita Volina

– by authorization

328 25 21afrdita.volina@mod.gov.mk
Department of FinanceCveta Spaseska and

Suzana Simovska

– by authorization

328 22 11cveta.spaseska@mod.gov.mk


Department for LogisticsBrankica Gacova328 30 21branch.gacova @ mod.gov.mk
Department for Real EstateBiljana Eftimova

– by authorization

328 25 68biljanae@mod.gov.mk
Department for Services and Tourism, motor vehicles and maintenance and securityRiste Spasovski328 25 11riste.spasovski@mod.gov.mk
C-4 DepartmentAlenka Gjorgjieva328 20 92alenkag@mod.gov.mk
Special Purpose Production DepartmentElizabeta Chupovska- Ristova328 37 68elizabeta.cupovska@mod.gov.mk
Service for History – Museum of Peace and Security – Defence Research322 78 35
Military Aviation Authority DepartmentColonel Valentin Ivanovski328 20 44valentin.ivanoski@mod.gov.mk



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